Channel Migration

20 incredible ways applying behavioural science can improve customer communications and experience

Issues and Impacts

Channel Migration

Channel Migration

We worked with Tower Hamlets Homes, an arms length housing provider in East London to analyse the risks, strategies and opportunities in changing interactions between the organisation and customers – with a focus on the application of behavioural science. We identified twenty unique opportunities with significant social and financial upside to apply behavioural science to customer contact points within the organisation. These include:

  • Changing the principles of metrics and data collection, with a focus on validity. This required the use of control groups and randomisation where possible and the latest insights into well-being analysis.
  • Incorporating RCT approaches within current interfaces of high frequency to evaluate and identify quick wins.
  • Incorporating behavioural economics into the organisational website for both ‘nudge’ and evaluation process.
  • Playing on the front foot. Maximising opportunities for proactive communications.

The Results

This exercise has already positioned THH as an innovative and forward-thinking landlord. Going beyond basic correlations and understanding the need for actual causal empirical findings and validity is a new area for social landlords and policymakers. Engaging with the use of behavioural science for future interventions, communications, processes, and strategies offers huge value for organisations.

Our findings isolated a variety of bespoke recommendations, which not only fulfilled specific aims but also outlined recommendations for foundation change.  Both quantitative and qualitative metrics carry a huge potential for innovation and behaviour change, many of which are exceptionally low-cost/high impact.