Council Tax Collection

Issues and Impacts

Council Tax Collection

Council Tax Collection

Date – Spring-Summer 2016

Client – London Borough of Haringey

Industry – Local Authority

Problem – In 2014-15, unpaid council tax payments equated to £4 million in London Borough of Haringey (LBH). Amid consistent budget cuts, it was more important than ever for LBH to increase council tax collection rates.

Solution – Applying principles from behavioural science, The Behaviouralist modified the existing council tax reminders sent out to households who had missed a payment. The effectiveness of these new letters were compared to the letters previously sent out by LBH using a randomised controlled trial design.

The Results

The new communications led to an ROI of over 400% in just 75 days. Applied to all households over the course of a year, we projected an increase in over £400,000 in collected council tax payments.