UPBEAT - Innovate UK

Personalising proactive framed messages through mobile devices to help improve commuting choices with TravelAI and Transport for Greater Manchester.

Issues and Impacts

Innovate UK - UPBEAT


Our excessive dependence on motorised road transport imposes significant economic costs on society including: congestion; road casualties; physical inactivity; pollution and geopolitical costs of maintaining fossil fuel supplies in an increasingly unstable global environment. We integrate the principles of behaviourally-framed feedback with GPS data to provide a unique solution to commuting issues.

Innovate UK - UPBEAT

Working in partnership with Transport for Greater Manchester and TravelAI,  we are developing the first ever causally evaluated product designed to change multi-modal travelling behaviour. We will combine the elements of GPS, city datasets, app travel sensing, user-centred design and behavioural science to understand, demonstrate and deliver causal incentives to positively change commuting behaviour to a large sample population. 

Our key objectives are to: 

  • Change travel choices from socially inefficient modes of travel (i.e. single use car journeys) to more socially acceptable methods. Such changes will in turn lead to improvements in air quality, health, personal finance, pollution and demands upon traffic services such as congestion and parking.
  • Understand the power of incentives in changing travel behaviour.
  • Construct a commercially viable and replicable product, transferable to virtually any organisation.