SIGNOL - Personalised feedback for fuel efficiency

Promoting sustainability in the aviation sector by changing fuel use behaviours

Issues and Impacts



In 2015, we worked with Virgin Atlantic Airways on a field experiment that identified fuel inefficiencies in all three key flight stages: pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight, and explored how information and incentives affect captains’ performance. Our treatments saved about 500,000 kg of fuel over the eight-month experimental period, which represents about 1.5 million kg of CO2 abated.


With the initial support of Innovate UK and private investment we are building on our initial research and developing a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that: (i) integrates and analyses revealed fuel-use data; (ii) delivers personalised and actionable behavioural solutions to captains; (iii) builds in scientifically robust trial methodology; and (iv) allows any airline to monitor, measure, and maximise the impact of behavioural change on fuel savings.

The Results

A product of enormous potential for fuel efficiency – we will provide a seamless digital service to feedback data in proven ways which carry high commercial and environmental value. Scaling this product has market disruption potential, bringing the best behavioural scientists to work with the best engineers and pilots for all our benefit.  Signol will help tackle civil aviation challenges that pose severe threats to airlines’ profitability, the country’s economy, the environment, and social welfare.

Visit the Signol site to learn more about the solution and where the team is taking it!