Training Council Staff in Behavioural Science

Issues and Impacts

Training Council Staff in Behavioural Science

Training Council Staff in Behavioural Science

Date – Summer 2017

Client – London Borough of Enfield

Industry – Local Authority

Problem – Local councils are faced with a diverse set of challenges – ranging from increasing recycling to encouraging citizens to utilise self-services. The challenge faced by councils is broadly about understanding “what works” when it comes to changing behaviour.

Solution – The Behaviouralist created and delivered 2 bespoke streams of workshops: 1) On the application of behavioural science, and 2) Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs).
The first set of workshops extensively investigated the factors which influence and shape behaviour and, importantly, examined how can these behavioural insights can be applied in the workplace to tackle a variety of everyday challenges.
The second set of workshops focussed on measuring the effectiveness of interventions. Different methodologies were explored and specifically focussing on an RCT design, The Behaviouralist provided step-by-step guides on how to design, conducting, and evaluate research in a council setting.

The Results

Having learned key principles in behavioural science and research, council employees have already begun applying these principles to their communications and practices in a range of different areas.